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At Metalyeso SL we are committed to defending and respecting the environment, committing ourselves to adapt all our processes to environmental regulations and combining the technological process with sensitivity to our planet.

We have developed and implemented an Environmental Management System according to the requirements of the ISO 14001 standards, looking for not only accomplish them, but also improving the environmental behaviour and reducing the impact we generate in our environment. As a result of this work, we have achieved the certification in March 2021.


We inform our suppliers that following the requirements of the Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001: 2015 standard, they will be subjected to a control and monitoring at the beginning of the work and periodically.

This process will consist of the identification and assessment of possible incidents related to environmental behaviour.

In the event of any incident that is detected, they will be informed to propose possible solutions or agreements.


Tabigal SL, Placas Norte SL, Metalyeso SL and Metalgips Europa SL (TPNMYME), companies aware of the need to develop an environmental management that avoids the effects on the environment due to their activities, have implemented an Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements specified in the UNE-EN ISO 14001 regulations.

In this way, and through this document, it intends to involve all its suppliers of materials and services in the continuous improvement of the Management System implemented, transmitting the following Environmental Standards that must be accomplished in each of its works:

- It is forbidden the uncontrolled spill of any type of waste in the installations and works of TPNMYME, and they must be carried out in the places established for this purpose.
- Any company whose activity is likely to generate waste of any kind, must be aware of retreat and manage those waste according to the regulations of current application. The retreat and management of all waste will be carried out as the current Environmental legislation. The waste generated will be delivered to the Authorized Manager or put into the containers provided by the client, always in compliance of his own guidelines.
- The destination of all the waste carried out from the installations and works of TPNMYME will be controlled, in accordance to the current legislation.
- It is recalled that the current legislation classifies as an ecological crime the uncontrolled abandonment of hazardous waste, being classified as criminal apart from the civil responsibilities to which it could give rise.
- Know and accomplish all the current Environmental Legislation to the development of his activities, products or services.
- Compliance of the Environmental Legislation will be ensured on his own and the subcontractors.
- At any eventuality or doubt raised, the Manager of the Management System of the company will be consulted.
- It is the responsibility of the subcontractor company to inform its workers of the environmental impacts of their activities and the preventive measures associated with them.
- Make a rational use of all-natural resources during the provision of their services for TPNMYME (consumption of water, electricity, fuel, etc.)
- Have the Security Sheets of all the chemical products used in the work carried out for TPNMYME.
- At the end of the working day, the supplier/subcontractor must check that his working area is clean and neat.
- At any situation of Environmental Risk, the supplier company/subcontractor must consult with the maximum responsible of the work from TPNMYME the Action Planification to be followed to control of the potential emergency situation.


Tabigal, SL, Placas Norte, SL. Metalyeso, SL and Metalgips Europa, SL have implemented a Environmental Management System in their companies in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 14001.

We select our suppliers of materials, products and services based on their ability to accomplish the requirements, applying the following criteria:

- Economic
     A. Competitive Price
     B. Good conditions of payment
     C. Existence of offers and discounts

- Technical/Quality of the product/service
     D. Availability/stock of materials
     E. Geographic closeness to the works and/or head office
     F. Diversity of distribution points
     G. Delivery service
     H. Immediacy, speed of service/product required
     I. Provision of certification of the product or service
     J. Experience in the market
     K. Personal care/Customer support
     L. Positive assessment after the visit to the installations of the supplier/subcontractor
     M. Disposal of certified Management System ISO 14001.
     N. Providing of the most respectful products with the environment in compliance with the quality criteria of our customers.
     O. Perform their services with the best environmental behaviour possible.

Selection Criteria

1. Meets the “Enforceable Requirements”
2. Antique as supplier/subcontractor of the company
3. Unique supplier/subcontractor of the product/service
4. Client requirements
5. Positive Assessment after the initial period without incidences
6. Environmental behaviour (registered incidences)

Likewise, we annually evaluate our suppliers according to the possible incidents in the services provided in the previous six months, considering incidents among others the following ones:

- Purchasing/Subcontracting that does not accomplish the desired quality.
- Mistake in the asked quantity.
- Deviations in the deadlines.
- Mistakes in the provided documentation.
- Non-compliance with the budget.
- Environmental behaviour (registered incidents).

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